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​VoIPRabbit is a service from

Miami, FL with offices in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro



VoIPRabitt was born with a initiative to offer a service in which other providers fail to deliver. We have seen the mistakes over and over. Cheap quality, non-reliable technical support, not speaking other languages and on and on, we know them. Our main concept and focus is to make sure our resellers can compete in the market and make significant profit. We make it fast, simple and cheap, so that our resellers can spend most of their time selling. Our clients range from individual consumers to small businesses, Hotels, Call Centers, Cyber Cafes, Telemarketing companies, Call Shop, ISPs, Calling Cards, Web Hosting Providers, Telephone System Integrators, etc. With 10 years experience in telecommunications, we provide the easiest, fast and cheap VoIP calls and services in the industry. BE PART OF THE Rabbit crew, get started making real profit and watch your customer base grow, let us worry about the backend.


Let's make it clear and simple


We deal with customers from every country on earth. We know your competition, we know your customer's needs, we know your barriers and more importantly how you'll succeed!


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