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voip reseller program
voip reseller program
voip reseller program
Resell VoIP services with confidence

VoIPRabbit enables you to sell cheap voip calls, International DID numbers, unlimited calling plans, IP PBX and other VoIP services. We're focused on low price and highest quality.

We've been in business for 15 years and can guide you all the way with your project. Unlike other companies, your ability to compete is our number one priority.


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voip reseller program

Pinless Calling Card Solution

Let us know where your customers will be calling from and we'll quickly add an access number from that location. The rates are low, the calls are crystal clear and dialing is easy!


We customize unlimited calilng plans based on your customer's needs

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Call from your computer, ATA device, access number or mobile app (Iphone and Android)

Sept 21, by Name | 99 Views | 69 Comments

Ability to receive credit card payments online from your customers through an automated system. Sale your services and get payments, even when you sleep

You'll find cheap VoIP calls with the lowest calling rates in the market

Sept 21, by Name | 99 Views | 69 Comments

  VoIP Reseller Program​


   Hightlights Features!


- White Label; sale under your own brand
-  Robust and Scalable Platform for Resellers
-  Free Internet calls
-  Create Unlimited Levels of Resellers under your Account and they can do the same, all buying from you.

-  Secured billing interface; get paid via credit card from your customers

-  Pinless Dialing; calling card solution

-  Industry’s most secured soft-switch with dual level protection against fraud

-  Easy Admin and user Interface

-  Suppression and Comfort Noise Technology

-  Supports all modes of VoIP business: Calling cards, Call Shops, wholesale, Residential and Businesses

-  Real time monitoring system, watch Live Calls

-  Fastest Call Connectivity using proprietary Technology

-  Redundant architecture with failover option

-  Resellers can set their own caller ID and prices

-  Payments/Recharge reports

-  DID numbers in over 50 countries

-  We create the Unlimited Plans your customer needs

-  Create your own price in seconds
-  Online complete management tools
-  The End User Control Panel gives your customers the freedom to manage their call forwarding, review call history, buy service, make payments and more. All the information they see shows your prices and information in real-time.
-  Did we mention really cheap rates and excellent quality for all your domestic and international calling?

-  The Best for Last - Ability for you to receive credit card payments online from your customers through an automated system. Receive payments even when you sleep

Residential Services

VoIPRabbit voip service allows you to make easy and affordable internet calls without a monthly bill. Calls are billed per minute based on our Low domestic and International Rates. You can call using any VoIP adaptor, IP phones, PC softphone or mobile app; it's a VoIP service you can save.



SAVE  is all you do when you decide to use VoIPRabbit cheap voip services  in your business. There's no limit in the amount of simultaneous calls, excelent call quality, easy to setup and works with any VoIP device,  including mobile calling. We offer free advanced features and a web based management interface along with the reliability you need to focus on your business and not your phone service provider



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